Senandika Juni

Bahagiaku kala itu Akhri fajar kota hujan Pada pohon tua berteduh Nikmati alam danau tenang   Berbagi waktu bercerita Tentang kisah Sang Klana  Meski sang waktu Kian memburu     Resapi.. hadirku.. Disaat kita bersama Hapuskan risaumu Perpisahan kita sementara  Nikmati momen ini Berharga dan kan terkenang   Angin sejuk merdu berbisik Membelai lembut sanubari…

Don’t Hurt Yourself

It feels like everything are in the middle. In the middle of hurt and happy. Evil and angel. Overthink and don’t give a shit. Broken future but open a new hope. Stay or leaving. Open for any option and regret nothing. Whatever it is, it need to be bold. More than two years was fun….


 “The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood” So true. But still.. it isn’t that easy to maintain this mood lately. It swings as fast as a blink of an eye. Rest a bit and enjoy myself might help.. I guess.  

How Life Works

Writing about my preparation before going to Japan make me remember about a conversation with a friend of mine, Agus. He’s my friend since junior high school. One of the closest friend. And we always meet everytime both of us in Lombok at the same time. He’s so positive. We talked about a lot of things. Mostly…

Get Prepared

25 August 2016. It’s three days before my departure to Japan for an exchange program named JENESYS 2.0. Excited? Of course. It’s more to be a grateful feeling. Grateful to have such an opportunity. It’s much more than just opportunity of “traveling to Japan for free”. It’s an opportunity to “upgrade” myself. Experience more things….

Everyting’s Decaying

It’s a long journey. Tiring, of course. It’s always nice to take a rest and look back a little bit. Seeing the previous track you took. Sometimes you lift your breast up and brag about how you passed the obstacle and how you get here. Unfortunately not every single thing can be brag about. And that’s…